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Wreaths, Garlands, and Swag – Oh My!

We are selling wreaths, garlands, and swag to fill your home with the smells of Christmas!

Where can I order or buy a wreath?

Cub Scouts will take pre-orders this week, after each Mass and during the Ministry Fair.

How much are they?

18” wreath – $25
22” wreath – $27
26” wreath – $30
30” wreath – $33
25’ garland – $40
75’ garland – $85
24” swag – $25

How do I pay?

You can pay with cash or check — made out to “Cub Scout Pack 417.”

Where do I get my wreath?

Pre-ordered wreaths will be available Dec. 2 at noon, in the Holy Redeemer parking lot. Your Scout is responsible for getting you your wreath.

After Dec. 2, Scouts will sell wreaths after each Mass – those wreaths will be on hand for you to take home right away.


At noon, after Scouting for Food: wreaths, swags, and garlands ordered through the pre-sale will be available for pick up. Note that it’s your responsibility to deliver your wreaths to your own buyers. You may want to call them ahead of time to let them know when you’ll stop by with their wreath, or to find out whether you can deliver it through school or church.

What happens to the proceeds?

Scouts will use the proceeds to offset costs of summer camp. Wreath sales is our only fundraiser for the year, so we appreciate your help in making camp affordable to everyone.


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